In the Company of Girls

The Circle at Castilleja: It's about the remarkable presence of girls, not the absence of boys.

At Castilleja, we believe the world needs more women leaders, and we know that the girls' school environment builds them. Every day we draw on a century of expertise in teaching and mentoring girls, and we inspire them the explore bold questions with intelligence, curiosity, and a sense of purpose. With the confidence and insight that they gain from their experiences around the Circle, our accomplished graduate mead for good in a diverse and complex world. 

Castilleja All girls school

Castilleja students have the freedom and support to ask questions with abandon. They can explore fearlessly, confident in the guidance from our community and the strength of their connection to peers. At Castilleja—and in the company of girls—every opportunity is hers to seize.

To read more about the transformative benefits of girls' schools, as well as to view specific research, please see The International Coalition of Girls' Schools (ICGS) website.